Who we are

Gill Curry outside the renovated GBUNHEHUN school

Supporters visit Kori Project

Our charity was founded by ROSE SIMBO, a Sierra Leone born midwife who now lectures in a London University, specialising in HIV, FGM and haemoglobinopathies. Rose travels back to Sierra Leone regularly to oversee the running of the Kori Project. Recently she received an award from the UK National Trust when they organised an event to recognise inspirational women working in the community today.


Board of Trustees:

A board of 7 trustees plus a treasurer, based here and in Sierra Leone, work tirelessly to support Rose and oversee the work done by the charity.

Our board of Trustees meets regularly to oversee the Kori Project. Our overall objective is to support the women and children in the Kori District. We endeavour to do this by:

  • Facilitating the further cultivation of rice, cassava, peanuts, beans and sweet potatoes to produce food and income.
  • Helping to fund the buying of pigs for breeding and eating and for income to pay for school fees, the security guard and the librarian of the Sandy Raffan Memorial Library.
  • Helping to manage the provision of micro credit loans to the women to assist them with education, agriculture and small scale businesses. This is to enable them to increase their livelihood skills and income, thus reducing the risk of sexual exploitation and enabling them to achieve a positive social role.
  • Raising awareness of the physical dangers of FGM and empowering the women and girls of Kori to be able to make a choice.



Soroptimist clubs (www.sigbi.org) throughout the world have made huge contributions to the Project. Rose Simbo is herself a Soroptimist and her club SI Thames Valley (www:sigbi.org/thames-valley) in particular gives the Project endless support both financial and in kind.

Other Soroptimist clubs throughout the UK regularly send boxes of knitted articles, reusable sanitary towels and have sales to raise funds.


Other groups of supporters:

We benefit greatly from the support of other clubs and charitable groups of all kinds - Rotary International, Freemasons, Inner Wheel clubs, schools in the UK and Canada, and several faith groups.

To empower, enable and educate women and girls in Kori Chiefdom Sierra Leone.