Mosquito Nets for pregnant ladies and babies of Taiama

The first picture was taken inside the Taiama medical centre, which was built many years ago. Regular clinics are held here for mothers and babies, children and old people.

The boxes the people are unpacking contain mosquito nets of both adult and baby sizes.  They were given to pregnant women and those with young children, as malaria is endemic in the area.

In the next two pictures we can see some of the nets being used to protect small cots and adult beds in the little delivery ward.  The ward is attached to the Taiama clinic, and as there is medical help here, most mothers come to have their babies here. They stay for several days so that they are fit enough to cope with the long walk home.  Next to the ward is a delivery room, and on the other side they have a small isolation room with just one bed.

The sheets on the beds came from London Hotels


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