The Sandy Raffan Memorial Library

Sandy Raffan Memorial Library

Sandy was the late husband of Soroptimist International Thames Valley Club member Johanna Raffan who is also one of the trustees of the Kori Development project.
Sandy helped to raise funds for Kori and was suddenly taken ill, subsequently falling in to a coma from which he never recovered.
He was very interested in Kori and loved reading so when the women of Kori Chiefdom asked for a library, it was unanimously agreed that it should be named after Sandy.

Benefits to the people of Kori and its environs.

  • The people of Kori Chiefdom will have access to books, local and international news papers, Magazines, computers and internet access.
  • Books will be used by both adults and children.

The library and its use.

It is a community library. Members of Kori Development Project with support from Soroptimist International and other donors have constructed the walls of the library and have also put a roof over it.
We are in the process of putting in the windows and doors. We have to date acquired over two thousand books in the UK which will aid the development and understanding of the world we live in and different cultures.

The library will have an office and two toilets, one for women and one for men a big reading room where women will be taught tailoring/ dress making and literacy classes.

Children will be encouraged to use the library as Sunday school from 09.00 to 12.00 and they will be taught Religious education, Drawing, and colouring, reading and writing and also the opportunity to play with toys as 95% don’t have toys at home.

Books will not only provide knowledge of the different people, places and cultures in the world but it will enable them to develop the culture of reading and develop their knowledge base.

The library and its facilities for example computers will be used by the community and the will be encouraged to borrow books of their choice for free to read at home.

We aim to employ a librarian and a library assistant to enable the smooth running of the library. We plan to buy a solar system to provide energy for our computers.

We also aim to buy a motor bike and a bicycle for the librarian and the assistant to aid mobility.